I am your guide

along the paths of life.


Individualni konzultace
Individual Consultations
  • Individual or for couples
  • Personal and work topics
  • Coaching
  • Therapeutic consultations
  • In difficult life situations, about any topic
Transformace firem
Business consultations
  • For companies, managers or team leaders
  • For self employed persons
  • When starting a business
  • Project and process management
  • Business analysis
  • HR management
4 pilíře osudu
4 pillars of destiny
  • Tradition-proven analysis from ancient China
  • Personal typology
  • Understanding of own reactions models
  • Relations and family influences and influencing
  • Native approach to own work and personal life
  • Health dispositions
Training and teaching
  • The Emotional intelligence
  • Constructive communication in teams
  • MBTI typology of personality
  • The growth mindset
  • Relationships according to 5 elements
  • Work with the space according to Feng Shui

The most frequent individual topics

  • Unfulfilled relationships and breakups with a partner
  • Anxieties and fears
  • Not enough life energy
  • Low self-confidence and self-love, difficulty saying no
  • Obstacles to leaving a dysfunctional relationship
  • Choosing the same type of partner over and over again
  • Stagnation and suffering in a job that doesn’t make you happy
  • Arguments at home about little things, outbursts of anger, work with emotions
  • Partners talk to each other but do not understand each other
  • Children don’t listen, they get angry, they close in on themselves
  • Lack of direction and meaning in life or at work
  • Financial issues, non-flowing abundance
  • Need to know someone’s unbiased opinion on your topic
  • Back pain, poor sleep, work-life balance

The most common business topics

  • Clarification of the vision, help in launching a start-up
  • Revision and adjustment of company processes
  • Non-functioning communication with subordinates, between subordinates, in teams
  • HR consulting for employers, personnel audit of the team
  • Coaching for key employees
  • Repeating the same situations in the company / with clients / colleagues over and over again
  • Training of employees on various topics

About me

Consultant, coach, lecturer and therapist

  • I work empathetically and comprehensively with the topic and can get to the root cause of problems

  • I accompany clients through any personal, relationship or work situation

  • I bring to companies a comprehensive solution to the situation and a new wind in the sails

  • Individual approach and complete discretion is a matter of course

  • I guide clients to their own ability to know what is right and how to manage life’s situations

Tomáš Ondrák