I am your guide

along the paths of life.

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– Individual and Couples
– Personal and Business
– Terapeutic and Coaching
– Complex services for any life situation, about any toppic

Houses and interiors design
– Project of own dream house
– Measurement and floor-plan drawing of current interior
– Preparation for new project or reconstruction
– Consultation of construction materials and options

Consultations with the taste of the Orient
– Tradition-proven analyzes from ancient China
– A different look at familiar topics
– Personal analysis of the 4 pillars of destiny
– Feng Shui analyzes and projects to harmonize space

Lectures and training sessions
– The emotional intelligence
– Constructive communication
– Realtions according the 5 elements
– Feng Shui basics

About me

Consultant, coach, lecturer and adviser
– I offer support in any personal, relational or work situation
– I am based on a lifetime of experience working with people
– An individual approach and absolute discretion is a matter of course

Every problem is an opportunity to make a change for the better
– I guide clients to their own ability to know what is right and how to manage life situations
– I work empathetically and comprehensively with the topic and can get to the root cause of the problem
– What troubles a person is only the gateway to oneself and to what to change

Tomáš Ondrák

The most common topics that I help to solve

– Are we in a relationship based on reason, duty or love?
– I do work that I don’t enjoy, I come home tired
– I don’t trust myself, I lack self-confidence, I can’t say no
– We argue at home about little things
– We talk to each other, but we don’t understand each other
– The children don’t listen to me, they get angry, they withdraw into themselves
– I always choose the same type of partner
– I lack direction and meaning in life
– I can’t say no
– Financial problems, abundance does not flow to me
– I have no one to discuss my concerns honestly and openly with
– My back hurts, what am I doing wrong in life?
– At work, my subordinates cannot communicate and fight with each other instead of cooperating

An ideal home and a dream house

– Let’s literally draw your ideal home together, step by step
– We will concretize and fine-tune your idea – from vague wishes to concrete details
– For a fraction of the price of a review with a designer
– Exactly according to your needs and ideas
– No waiting for the architect to process changes
– In a computer program, in 2D and 3D
– Great as a concrete base for a construction project
or when planning a relocation or renovation
– Basic technical consultation, tips and contacts included

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